Work vs. Toil – The Two Work Cultures Clash

Steve Pruneau and Asher Black discuss terrible jobs, the “do everything I don’t want to do” role, and the disparity between executive privilege and the meniality of jobs in which one is expected to toil for pay but not joy or aspiration. Acknowledging the emotional realities of work is a central concept in the #bossrebellion


  • The two tiers of work culture – aspiration and joy vs. menial grind
  • Leadership privilege and self-awareness
  • The problem of scope creep and attrition
  • Terrible jobs vs. the job as an adventure
  • Employing the whole person
  • Interesting challenges vs. unreasonable ones
  • The leader acknowledging his/her own emotional needs


NYtimes: “High-Profile Art Couple Offers Worst Job Ever”


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The Boss Rebellion

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