The Opportunity of Removing Friction and Eliminating the Middle Man

Steve Pruneau and Asher Black discuss Patreon founder Jack Conte’s initiative to help creators make money and how eliminating friction and the middle man is key to aligning one’s business model with one’s purpose as well as filling an enormous cultural and economic need in the #bossrebellion


  • Eliminating the middle man / friction in a commercial ecosystem
  • Bringing one’s whole self / creative intelligence / creative energy to work
  • Removing the separation between one’s own interests and the business does
  • Being an artist and creator first – the Jack Conte example (Patreon)
  • Eliminating dependency on others
  • Aligning one’s business model with one’s purpose
  • The value of direct relationships
  • The competition to help creators make money as a second
  • Renaissance
  • Making what I want vs. what makes me happy
  • The predatory character of many existing models


Interview with Patreon founder Jack Conte:



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The Boss Rebellion

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