How Investors Could Benefit from Pay Transparency or Lose With Salary Confidentiality

Steve Pruneau and Asher Black wonder that activist investors are not more interested in pay transparency, given that it directly impacts shareholder value. Is the company paying inflated salaries to less valuable members, or utilizing subjective salary offers where a more transparent market could mean a more efficient one? C-suite executives that want more revenue options take note in the #bossrebellion


  • Workarounds firms use to avoid pay transparency and preserve subjective pay scales
  • Pay inequities based on location and demographic — pay subjectivity
  • How HR Departments enforce a system of non-transparency that penalizes women
  • The objective value of work vs. the subjective value of people – why investors should be interested
  • How pay confidentiality hampers investment transparency for shareholders
  • Activist investors and the possibility of a more efficient market
  • Who is worth the most in the lifeboat of salary costs – management vs. investor views



The Boss Rebellion

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